A Sestina style poem about a creature found on a beach

If you are trying to read this on mobile, I’m sorry.

The doctor completes his examination
Of the victim from the coast
He runs to create his proof
Done by dawn
He wants glory
From his answer


A new man, his sanity coasts
This is irrefutable proof
A new man, a Madman, lies awake till dawn
The Doctor has his glory
The Madman lacks an answer
Both need a new examination


The Doctor’s peers study his proof
Late in the night, through dawn
The Doctor still basking in his glory
The Madman still searching for an answer
He searches and looks for his own examination
Lying on the Coast


The sun breaks through dawn
It shines its glory
Over a new answer
Our Madman, excited, takes his own examination
Of the new body lying on the coast
His own maniacal proof


It breaches through the surface, an answer
Spectators take their own examination
Of the Eldritch horror on the coast
It is it’s own proof
Lying dead at dawn


The world has seen their answers
And everyone knows the examinations
Of the the Eldritch beast that crashed on the coast
Some still doubt the proof
Of the creature discovered at dawn
A thing that gave a Madman glory


Have they really found a solid answer, an impossible proof?
Do you believe the examination created at dawn?
Or will you search that fateful coast for your own glory?

Author: Kay Walker

I write short stories, and post them to my site justmynarratives.com

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