Intermission – Haikus

A bonus section of If By Fire, with Haiku’s written from many character perspectives

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A bonus section of If By Fire, with Haiku’s written from many character perspectives.

I would like a lunch
That isn’t nuts and berries
Every so often
-An orphan

Meals for the youngest
And meals for the elderly
A dinner for all

Times are hard for now
But we will make it better
Hope for our children

Heritage is rich
I have pride in my last name
And family tree

I’ll try my hardest
To make the world its greatest
And make Father proud

For more acceptance
I’d fight until I collapsed
Smile on my face

Secrets hold power
A fact which we all will know
When it’s time to speak

Remember the past
When things were better than now
Try to recreate

I won’t try harder
You know this isn’t my job?
I’m just getting paid

I love my child
I want to give him the world
The ghoul tells me no
-A Mother

I’ve worked hard for us
My family deserves more
I’ll take what I need
-Gary Brown

One day they’ll know me
One day I’ll be our leader
A nation for me

My teacher taught me
Taught me everything I know
About love and peace

Rules are suggestions
Reference points for the weak who
Can’t think for themselves

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Author: Kay Walker

I write short stories, and post them to my site

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