21 – …Into My Own Hands

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I stared out of the door-window of my designated vehicle. I still didn’t have a partner, because Commander would rather have me available for protest work. I didn’t mind. The only downside was dealing with the inconvenience of driving.

I was in the business district of our neighboring city. This area lacked any real housing, but it held an incredible amount of tall buildings and glass towers. I’ve often wondered why you would build your primary business out of glass, when it’s so easy to shatter.

I turned my eyes away from the marvels of architecture, and looked back down upon the door that I was watching initially. I knew that an important character would leave through the doors, be escorted to a car, then drive away. I knew that I could follow them at that point.

I was supposed to be on patrol duty, but I chose to disobey those orders so that I could visit Bill Bundy, hopefully within his own home. His wife had died a few years earlier, and he’s too old to sire any more children, which means he’ll be totally alone within his house. At most, there will be some maids or some security, but they aren’t hard to bribe. Even then, they have to see me get in if they want to stop me.

The glass doors of the building sat in place, without making a single movement. Bundy would walk out at any moment, and I would put my hands back on the wheel.

I wish I had at least managed to find blueprints to his home. It would make it that much easier to know how to get in and out.

The doors opened- likely without any noise. An old man walked out, and three others walked with him. Two were wearing dark clothing and sunglasses, while another was a girl wearing a short business skirt, along with the rest of the uniform. Bill must not be very sentimental

The group moved to the end of the sidewalk, and a car pulled up just as they did. The girl opened the backdoor of the car, and Bill stepped inside. She shut the door and walked away while trying to pull her skirt down to cover more of her legs. Maybe she was ashamed, maybe she was just cold.

The two security guards walked over and got into another car. The moment they did, I drove away from the side of the road. I was going to drive ahead of them, and watch them change lanes through my mirrors.

A short moment after I drove away, the car Bundy was in began to follow me. I didn’t see the security vehicle pull into the road. I was still fairly certain that they had followed Bundy.

“Let’s see how this goes.”

Their car turned into the left lane, and I followed suit the second I saw their blinkers turn on. A quick study of my mirrors revealed that the security car was not far behind Bundy.

It took a while, but we eventually go to Bundy’s home. It was a bit away from the rest of the suburbs, but I just took a small detour away from the house, climbed a fence or two, and I was in Bundy’s expansive yard.

I scanned his home. He had a multitude of windows, and there were enough on the ground floor for me to easily get in, from any spot I pleased.

I took a slow, crouched walk through Bundy’s yard. I got to his house, and found a window. I slid it upward, and it opened. It wasn’t locked, and there was no alarm. You’d think a guy like this would have better security.

I stepped into the window, and closed it behind me. I was in Bundy’s kitchen. Well, at least a kitchen. It was likely that Bundy had more.

Bundy was certain to have a security system, and cameras to boot. All I needed to do was find the cameras, then I would have found my target.

This wasn’t very well thought through. I should have done better than this. I’ll just be glad that things are going as good as they are.

I stepped down a hallway and found some stairs, leading both up and down. The cameras were likely downstairs, so I made my way down there.

As I went down, I heard some light humming. It only got louder as I got closer to the bottom. Someone was down here, but I couldn’t tell if it was a woman or not.

I came to the bottom of the steps. The humming was coming from a door on my right. I slid it open, carefully pulling a stun-gun out of its holster. The stun-gun’s range was short, so I didn’t use it often. In fact, if whoever was in here saw my face, I would likely have to end them.

I pushed the door open, and pulled my gun up. The humming was coming from Bundy himself.

“I see you finally arrived, and you let yourself in. A bit rude if you ask me, but that’s besides the point. Do you have the documents I asked for?” Bundy stood with his back to mine. He held a wine glass in one hand.

I slid the stun-gun back into its holster. I lifted my pistol out of its holster.

“Fine, you don’t like my dramatic act. I figured you could humor me for a moment, let an old man have some fun.” He turned around, and his eyebrows raised at the site of me.

I shot him, and he fell quickly. I took the clip out of my gun, emptied it, pocketed the extra bullets, then put the clip back in. Careful not to step in any blood, I dropped the gun next to his right hand, then one that opposed his wine glass hand, and left the way I came.

“That was easier than expected. Everything fell into my lap.” I went back to my car, and started it up. “He picked a bad day to do illegal things. Poor fool.” I drove back to work. “Perhaps he should have just paid his security a bit more to ignore whatever illegal things he was doings. As if they cared to begin with.”

I got to work, clocked out, and put everything away. It’s a good thing I used a personal gun today rather than the police issued one. I bid Shelby farewell, and began my trek home.

Zoe was waiting for me outside, leaning against a wall. “Hey Fifteen, you still haven’t followed through with that tea. I’m beginning to think you forgot about your promise. Surprising, as it was only 3 days ago. You been busy?” She stood up, and walked beside me.

“You could say that. I have had a few things on my mind.”.

“Yeah, sounds nice, Fifteen. Just rub it in my face that you and Commander are bumping uglies. Look, am I getting any tea or not?” Since Zoe was standing right by my side, I couldn’t see her face, but her expression was probably displeased.

“Don’t get testy, Zoe. You’ll get tea, but you’d better stop acting as if those rumors are reality.”

Zoe chuckled. “I guess I did sound a bit angry when I said that. I meant to be more of a joke. Just be glad that most of the other Officers are too busy kissing ass to notice that Commander has already taken a shine to you.”

“In that case, I retract my offense.” I turned past a corner, and Zoe swerved to catch up.

“Is there any reason she likes you better than me- eh, everyone else?” I lit up just a bit.

“You have an attraction to Commander?” I looked at her, and she was blushing.

“That- that doesn’t answer my question, Fifteen.” She turned her head away from me.

“I couldn’t tell you what she sees in me, Zoe. I think the reason she likes me is because she pities me.” Zoe turned back, and no longer so flustered. Quick change.

“Pity? How? You’re fucking crazy, what’s there to pity?”

“She asked me why I didn’t have a name, and I told her some sob story about never having one. It seemed like what she wanted to hear.”

“You’d better clear that up real quick, asshole. She doesn’t deserve any bullshit like that.”

“Personally, Zoe, I think you’re just saying that because you wish you were with her.” I decided that I could afford to mock Zoe a bit, because she would likely forget it by the time we got to my house and I gave her the tea.

“Yeah, that’s exactly it. Also, it’s because I’m a decent human being.” Zoe crossed her arms. I was certainly bothering her. That was a poor risk.

We arrived at my house, and turned to enter.

“Sorry about being rude. I was simply trying to joke,” I apologised

Zoe didn’t laugh, but she did smirk just a bit. “Alright, I guess we’re even, then. Let’s get my tea, and I’ll get out of your hair.”

She followed me into my house, stood near the door and waited. I got her the tea and kettle, then bid her farewell. That night, I slept rather soundly.

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Author: Kay Walker

I write short stories, and post them to my site justmynarratives.com

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