A Collection of Haikus

Some haikus I wrote a while back, with a friend

I’ve always enjoyed Haikus. They seem very easy to create, but not if you want one to be good. A haiku is incredibly limited, and therefore you must be very deliberate to make a haiku powerful and good. That said, I found a small collection of haikus within a notebook of mine, and so I’ve decided to share them with you. If I remember properly, I think I was experimenting with mood in each one. I can’t remember exactly what each mood was, but they do show a mood. None of these Haikus are titled, and so you can decide what you would like to call each of them. All of these Haikus will be posted in the order in which they were written.

A burnt and crisped field
Emptiness and cold surround
Where fire once blazed

Snowstorm lies outside
Determination fills you
Strength to carry on

Gray clouds above you
Raindrops fall in the window
Lie in bed alone

Sun beats down today
Warm outside yet you are cold
Coats can’t make you warm

Take heart warrior
Your efforts will change this world
You have brought courage

Sun shines on the field
Extravagant flowers bloom
Birds cheep cheerily

This last poem is written by my friend Ace Stansfield, and posted with his blessing. It was on the same page, so it feels proper to include it

Love is like a dove
It finds its match and flies off
And in time it dies

Author: Kay Walker

I write short stories, and post them to my site justmynarratives.com

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