The Exchange Project

A compilation of exchange work that I have done with various artists. When an artist has their own personal website, I’ll link you to it in their name. We worked together, and both created a piece of work. In each post, you’ll see the media in the order they were created.

Entrapment/Sage: I wrote Shelby Tellez a story, and she created an art piece to accompany it Entrapment is the story, and Sage is the art.

Distraction/Quartz: Shelby Tellez created a piece of art, and I wrote a story to accompany it. Distraction is the art, and Sage is the story.

Noah: I wrote a story for Miya Ayala, and she created a piece of art to accompany it. Both are titled Noah.

Another World: Marisa Bruno created a monster that inspired a story written by me, as well as gave me information and permission to include her art piece

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