Flash Fiction

This is a collection of stories with 1000 words or less. 

I Like Your Bag – 819 A person getting onto the bus experiences a multitude of emotions simply by seeing a cute bag.

Train Ride – 355 words. Two girls go home on a train after a long night at the club.

What am I? Is this really something I can be? – 526 words. A trans girl finally admits to her parents that she’s trans. But only by slipping a note under their door and then trying to run away from home.

Let’s Not – 726 words. This camp is not going super well.

Trainyard – 342 words. A rookie artist goes to the local trainyard to add their graffiti to the collection

A Wintertime Tale of Asexuality – 936 words. Ash must explain to ver mom the concept of asexuality.

Doodles – 779 words. A caring pet owner takes their cat to the vet.

Take Note – 262 words. Someone found a note on their bus ride home. Does it mean anything?

Riverside – 244 words. A microfiction about two friends sitting by a river.

A Promise – 875 words. Two friends made a promise to each other- one that neither of them can keep.

“…I had no idea.” – 391 words. One person waits for hours for their partner to return home, and yet their partner fails to show up.

Rhythm – 986 words. Beatrice and Melody have an important discussion about their lesbian relationship and Beatrice’s partial attraction to men.

Stare Down the Ocean – 430 words – Sometimes you can’t change anything, but you so desperately wish you could.

“It’s good for you.” – 164 words. Medicine. Divorce. Hotel room.

New Life – 346 words. One life gives in so that another may flourish.

Fleeing – 446 words. You fled from something in a dream. You awake to find that you cannot flee.

Letters – 441 words. Despite dying around 3 years earlier, a grandmother’s letters keep getting sent to her grandchild.

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