Short Stories

This is a list of 1000+ word short stories (that aren’t horror) that I have written and posted. Each story is a standalone piece, and doesn’t require reading other pieces to get the story. Look here from time to time to see what’s new.

1:20 – 1417 words. Watch someone’s daily routine unfold.

Forced Entry – 1159 words. Arguments can be complicated sometimes, but that won’t stop Adam’s relationship with his mom being potentially ruined.

En Enlace – 1022 words. Veronica is finally gaining her freedom from being a slave. Unfortunately, the way she gains that freedom is by marrying her owner.

Wendell and the Weird Witch – 1702 words. Wendell and his friends go to the local “witch’s” house to antagonise her. Turns out, however, she is a real witch.

Virtual Beginnings – 2337 words. Error: Data Corrupted. Would you like to attempt to recover data? Recovering travel logs. . . Recovery successful.

Elisa – 7189 words. Claire’s estranged uncle comes to visit, along with his children. One of them, Elisa, becomes fast friends with Claire. However, with both of their fathers fighting, they aren’t sure this friendship will last.

Silence in the Air – 4210 Words – 5 people’s lives all intersect when a heist goes wrong and one police officer gets involved.

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