25 – Too Late

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I woke up before Shelby had. Thus, I got out of bed and let myself out of her house. I really wasn’t sure what she was expecting, but perhaps she got it.

Swiftly, I let myself back into my home. I had this day off, but I was rather unsure of what to do with it. I had spent more than my fair share of time out and about, and I had really lost track of what projects I had at home, for days where I’m not so busy.

I decided I could think about this over breakfast, and so I made myself one. The ration that I pulled out of my cupboard had a somewhat fresh orange in it. Surprising, considering the fact that I was never told to refrigerate these rations. Perhaps the organisers of this ration thought that the oncoming winter would be enough to keep it cold. I had been getting cooler and cooler as every day went by.

I sat at my table to eat. I was halfway done with my breakfast when I remembered that I had an algorithm that I was working on. I needed to go and check on that after I finished eating.

I threw away my trash, but threw my orange peels outside. I’d heard about compost or something like that. Either way, I went downstairs, and opened all of my locks, one by one.

Inside, my computer was still off, and waiting for me to give it life. I did as such, and it powered up with the same haste that it always used. I typed in my password, and it logged on for me.

First, I opened a web browser and went to the site that I most frequently used to test my algorithm. I opened the application that held my algorithm for password testing, and turned its attention toward the site in front of me. I normally found usernames by knowing the number ID of various police members. If I were to hack another site, I would need to find the username through other means.

It worked furiously. Immediately, it began to place letters and numbers in both the username and password section. The problem was still there, because I wasn’t able to work on the code for a while. On the brightside, I had put in a bit of work a while ago, and wouldn’t have to work so hard to fix this.

I kept changing and tweaking the code, just testing the waters. I worked as fast as I possibly could, typing away furiously while the code took in the tiniest changes every time.

After a while, I got a small notification in the corner of my screen. “Someone is attempting to find your location.”

The site was trying to hunt down my IP address! I was behind a VPN, but there was still the chance that they would steal my encrypted data and then try to decrypt it. That was not a risk I was willing to take, and it was not one I could afford. I needed to get these guys off of my tail, and fast!

I reached down to the computer tower and held the power button. Three seconds passed, and my computer screen went black. That was it. The work that I had just put into that code for hours was gone. I wasn’t even able to save my progress before I was put into jeopardy.

I closed my eyes, and pounded one fist against my desk. I sighed, and left my basement. I had work that evening anyway.

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Author: Kay Walker

I write short stories, and post them to my site justmynarratives.com

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